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stories written by you! Empty stories written by you!

Post  raven6263939 on Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:43 pm

hi on clubpenguin in the newspaper you can submit a story for clubpenguin so i went right on and wrote one i hope you like it but also i would like to hear your stories too so post them here ok here we go:

The Legend of the Monster of Club Penguin

One day Raven was walking along the beach when she saw a boat in the far out bay. She thought it was the Rockhopper. She went around the town saying that Rockhopper has returned. By the time the boat was in the dock she realized it was not Rockhopper so she was excited that there would be another pirate that would be visiting Clubpenguin but she was also worried that if it was a bad penguin it would try to do something bad to Clubpenguin. When she got the chance to go on the ship she looked around and it looked a lot like any other ship. When she got off she noticed no one was anywhere then she noticed something moving on the ship so raven got scared and ran away to her igloo. Then she decided to go back to the ship. When she got there she met the thing that was moving on the ship. Once she got up closer it was a big magenta penguin! She was so excited to have made a new friend. She waited till everyone was back to show off her new friend but everyone stayed away and Raven and the magenta penguin lived together and were very close friends for the rest of their days and they were so happy together they went back to the magenta penguin ’s island to live in peace.

The End…………………

thank you for your time!


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stories written by you! Empty Re: stories written by you!

Post  Cain on Mon Mar 26, 2007 4:42 pm

You could submit a story to Club Penguin....

stories written by you! Sig
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