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Post  weirdal204 on Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:36 pm

yes i know the subject sounds bad but were really penguins who test are waters to see if theve been poisand or any other bad thing to help are club penguin citizens[/color]


owner(me):hawiian shirt,black sunglasses[/color]
co-owner:wetsuitand green sunglasses[/color]

workers:hard hat or mine helmetand yellow color

water testers(this is a dangerous job):divers hemet,sucba tank,green or blue flippers but plz if u have the money get the green ones and cp wetsuit

gaurds: sports life jacket and sunglases black or green

WORKERS:workers are the people who filter are waters for penguins to drink

water testers:this is a really really really im portant job and u need protective clothing ur job it to check the water alot so penguins that penguins in it can swim and be safe.

and finnaly are gaurds:they will be helping garding the water so nobody can get in the water while there testing it (We need alot of these)

i need sigs

metting we need at least 10or 15 mebers to have a metting then all plan it


yes we will have partys every month


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