Forests and Caves of Kerala

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Forests and Caves of Kerala Empty Forests and Caves of Kerala

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Kerala is the dream destination of nature-lovers, who can witness some of the deepest forests and caves of the country here. The Kerala Tour Packages provide an unforgettable safari of these forests, which include watching near extinct species form close quarters. Some of the forests of Kerala are:
Silent Valley: Silent Valley, which is about 50 kms northwest of Mannarkad is described as the sole surviving bit of evergreen forest in the Sahya ranges. These forests devoid of the chirping of Cicadas have aptly got that name.
Wagamon: The trekker’s paradise is situated 60 km. from Kottayam. The mist covered places like Kuttikkanam and Wagamon are known as Kerala’s Kodaikanal.
The only place in Kerala having natural growth of sandal wood trees is situated in the outskirts of Munnar at Idukki. This may be called as a historian’s treasure house. It is believed that Pandhavas stayed at Maravoor during their exile.
Attappady, mainly a tribal area, is about 38 kms north east of Mannarkad. This is a nature-blessed area with forests, rivers and mountains. Mainly Irulas and Mudugas inhabit it. These tribals worship the mountain peak ‘Malleswaran’ as a gigantic Siva ling (Idol).
Edakkal Caves
These are two caves in the Ambukuthy mountains located 3 kms away from Ambalavayal and 25 kms. from Kalpetta. These caves contain several paintings and pictorial writings of the new Stone Age civilization.


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