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The Opera of Club Penguin Empty The Opera of Club Penguin

Post  Razzelfrazel on Mon Apr 23, 2007 12:51 am

Welcome one and all to the opera! This is the Offical Opera of Club Penguin and probably the only Opera. Anyway, with the release of the new stage many people have been forming bands mostly rock,rap, and hip-hop. But, this is different, this is the opera.
Table of Contents:
1. Members & ranks
5. Fan art

1. Here I shall post the ranks & members.
Here are the ranks: (please note these are not ranked according to power in the club, they are simply the lists of positions)
Choir director
Choir members
Ticket Vendour

Members:I am hoping to get more:lol!:

2. performances:
So far we have had none.
But we will once this club begins to get more members.
Genrally we have our Operas in the lighthouse.

3. Movements:
we currently have none, but rest assured my friends I am working on my own little movement. Composers welcome!

4. Q&A
Well I all know what on most of your minds, Why an opera?
I beleive that Club Penguin needs some varity in music. They allready have Rock, Rap, and Hip-Hop. Why not add Opera. It will add more culture to the music in Club Penguin.

5. Fan art:
Pictures coming soon.

6. Events:
Member Recall
Monday, random time. I will recall and list the new members on Monday as soon as I log on.

I hope you will join us.

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